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Terms OF Service

The Emic Mix team aims to be in touch with the site visitors on the basis of interacting with what is published and posted editorial materials, clips and videos on the site in accordance with the policy adopted by the site management.

The moral and legal responsibility of the comments and contributions posted on the site is the property of the owners, and does not reflect in any way the opinion of the site, while retaining the right of site Emic Mix blocking comments and contributions that violate the policy of publication. The publishing rules and policy include:

1. No comment or post shall be accepted containing any words that are obscene.

2. No comment or post shall be admissible to challenge the personal life of individuals or public figures or to discredit them by means of accusations without evidence.

3. No comment or post shall be admissible to challenge the beliefs or ideas of others.

4. No comment or post shall be accepted that containing any threatening invitations to other members or site administrators.

5. No comments shall be accepted that challenge the beliefs of others or incite hatred of individuals or institutions, whether by reason of sex, religion, belief, race, age or any of the determinants of identity, or incites sectarian strife.

6. No posts shall be accepted that containing pornographic or obscene messages.

7. No posts shall be accepted that containing personal information such as (phone numbers, detailed addresses, e-mail), excluding name and title, and obscures the comment without regard to its content for privacy and personal safety.

8. No posts shall be accepted that containing external links.

9. No comment shall be accepted to promote a commodity.

10. No abusive or inappropriate user names shall be accepted.

11. Reject side comments that have nothing to do with the content.

12. By submitting your contributions to the Site, you acknowledge that they are original works that you own and that you grant the Site Administration the right to publish them on the Site or in the various media owned by the Site.

13. Violation of intellectual property rights or defamation of a person, organization or company shall not be permitted, or any information that causes harm to a company, person, country or group, and the non-establishment of pirated material, stolen programs and anything contrary to the laws of the Internet shall be prohibited. The administration of the site is entitled to delete it as soon as it is notified.

14. In the event that you use your rights as a "blogger, visitor or customer" to attempt to hack the website or its attachments or to damage the site or hosting data "in any way", Emic Mix has the right to claim appropriate legal compensation for any damages to the site as a result of these attempts. The minimum compensation is US $ 10,000 without a maximum limit.

15. In the event of a breach of one of the terms of this Agreement, we will have to suspend your account without any prior notice or justification and the site does not assume any liability arising therefrom. With your obligation to make the appropriate compensation.

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