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Privacy Policy

We are always happy to visit you at and at the beginning we assure all visitors to maintain your privacy while browsing the published articles and that the privacy policy existing through this page is of great importance to us and represents all the important information about the preservation of personal information we use on the site and used by advertisers content.

Log Files: website, like all web sites, use logins and browsing such as: the type of browser used, the Internet service provider in the country, the date of log in and also the navigation of the site pages for a comprehensive analysis for the site statistics.

We use this information for the purpose of improving the services of the site only and not fraud on the personal information of the visitors to the site and the vow to maintain all the information available and is strictly confidential, we use only to improve the services and quality of content on the web pages.

Using cookies and network settings: uses cookies to improve the nature of browsing through our website by creating a special log for each user with specific information only recorded through the pages or articles that have been accessed. While storing cookies, visitors can browse freely and at high speed.

Advertisements used in the site:

With regard to the advertisements on the site of we use many large companies in the field of advertising on the Internet, most notably Google Adsense service provided by the famous search engine (Google) so we put you some numbers and important information on how the ads in the site:

1 - Google uses high technology, including DART, which helps improve the quality of ads displayed on the pages of the site and uses the standards for visitors in general.

2 - Google Adsense is an advertising service provided by the search engine Google is a third party is entitled to use the privacy policy for the content site and the most important uses of cookies to provide advertising service appropriately for visitors and also measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the service, we also show that Adsense has the right to build The agreements concluded with us in the use of many methods of the most important (cookies, network meters, and special software code, JavaScript) in order to improve the service of advertising and assess the importance of the advertiser and the content site.

3. This page presents the privacy policy of Google, which provides Google Adsense services and is the third party to participate in the privacy policy on the site of and fully aware of their rights to use network servers and to know important information about their practices and various structures.

4. does not provide any information that is not important or important to registered advertising companies (third party) without your consent and you can easily accept or not accept this service through your browser settings at any time.

5. At, we must fully protect the user's rights to the site from all information. Also, if there is a complaint or problem regarding our privacy policy, you can contact us at:

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