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Folding Phones are coming !

The Foldable Phones are Coming, that much we can all agree on. Multiple manufacturers have announced their intentions to produce a folding device which means that we are going to see a heated  competition in 2019.

Flexible display technology is on the cusp of becoming a Very Big Deal in the tech industry, in marketing and research terms, if nothing else.
 Samsung's leading the field when it comes to PR buzz, but flexible display maker Royole was the first company to get a folding phone into the hands of the tech press, Xiaomi has just teased its new prototype and LG's all set to launch a high-end TV that rolls down into a box built into its base, which doubles as a Dolby Atmos sound bar.

  • Xiaomi's Folding phone

Xiaomi’s folding phone has been revealed in a teaser video  from the company. Xiaomi co-founder and president Lin Bin  has posted a minute long video, detailing the double folding phone. Both sides of the device can be folded backwards to transform it from a tablet form factor into more of a compact phone.

 Unlike other foldable phones we’ve seen recently, this certainly  looks a more practical use for the technology.

  • Samsung's foldable phone

As the World's biggest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung's attempt at a foldable phone is understandably the most high-profile one . it also appears to ve using the most complicated design.Rather than featuring a single screen that's usable while the device is either folded or unfolded, the prototype Samsung showed off at its developers conference last year featured two screens: a larger one that folds inward like the inside of a book, and a smaller one that takes the place of the book's cover.

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