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Google Tools Can Do Almost Anything You Need.

No doubt that Google is one of the best things that ever happened to the internet and the technology area in general. they even managed to turn their name into a verb.  

From it's brilliant search engine to the most popular smartphone operating system out there, the Android OS. going through the well known services such as Youtube, Gmail, Drive, Google Home and more.

Google has also worked over the past years on many tools designed to make life more convenient, they are incredibly useful and, most importantly, free.

  • Google Keep

Google Keep is a beautifully designed, visual note-taking app that can help keep all your notes, to-do-lists, reminders, images and all sorts of other tidbits of information organizes and easy to view. the card-like interface makes it super intuitive to use, so you can customize it any way you want by adding labels and colors.

Check it out here.

  • Google Duo

Google Duo is a simple one-to-one video calling app that just requires a phone number to get started and access to your contacts to see who else is using Google Duo. Tap a contact name to instantly call them. The app uses Wi-Fi or your data plan to bring video to the forefront on its super simple, super intuitive interface so you can talk and see each other face to face in real time.
Check it out here.

  • Google Trends

if you run a website or a blog, knowing what people are searching for can help you rank in search naturally and get more targeted, free traffic. Google trends s a powerful search tool that helps you see which search terms are trending right now by region. You can even conduct analyses on several search terms and compared them.
Check it out here.

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